The story of the Delft ECD Training Centre

The story of the Delft ECD Training Centre

The Training Centre is a passive solar, earth sheltered building out of tyres, cob, compressed earth bricks, ecobricks and glass bottles at the Delft Early Childhood Development (ECD) centre. The goal of the Training centre is to provide a space in which ECD practitioners and caregivers are trained to fulfil the developmental needs of the child.

All good things must come to an end

… and 2014 is no different. It is with pride and joy that we look back on the successes and new connections made during 2014. We launched our blog in March and have had over 5000 visits from people in 98 countries! The blog contributions included knowledge...

Appropriate green building technologies as a catalyst for social change in creating climate change resilient communities

The Lebone project objective is to teach green building and social entrepreneurial skills to the youths and selected individuals from marginalised communities. The Lebone Village project in the Mangaung Metro Municipality Lebone Village, established in May 2000,...