Volunteering opportunity – Learn about natural building techniques

by | Mar 18, 2022

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Join us 31 March – 4 April

We are building a school for 120 pre-school kids out of tyres, eco-bricks, glass bottles and natural and sustainable materials. We need artists of all sorts for painting of murals, working with cob to create sculptures, working with the glass bottle light bricks to create patterns and pictures, and generally using your skills to create a place to inspire and uplift the kids!
This image promotes the volunteering opportunity hosted by the Natural Building Collective. It features photos of a tyre building, glass bottle wall, and eco bricks. The contact information is also provided.
  • Tyre building and pounding, there are several processes attached to this from pounding tyres to moving earth, site cleaning and general site work. This comprises the external walls and is the most intensive part of the project and possibly the most exciting. You need to be fit and willing to work, but there are roles that require less physical endurance, such as moving earth in buckets.
  • Cobbing of walls and working with mud, the tyre walls will be cobbed, (a mixture of clay, sand and straw) as plaster.
  • Using glass bottles for light bricks, cutting and building the glass bottle bricks into the walls in patterns and as an artistic expression.
  • Building with eco-bricks. The internal walls will be built in frames,, filled with eco-bricks and cobbed before being lime plastered.
  • Plastering the tyre walls after cobbing with a lime plaster.
These learning experiences will be facilitated by experienced builders demonstrating the skills and getting everyone involved.
  • Thursday 31st March to Monday 4th April
  • 9:30am to 3:30pm
Once you are trained, it would be amazing if you came back with some friends through the month to help complete the project.