Natural building course gallery

Seeing is believing! So check out our natural building course galleries to see what you can expect to experience on our natural building courses.

The photos were taken during CPD accredited natural building courses facilitated by Peter McIntosh over the course of several years at different venues.

Please note, only the galleries from the previous two courses will be available on the webpage. For ease of use, the galleries are accessed by clicking on the ‘Natural Building Course gallery’ tab above and selecting the gallery you want to view. To view our course galleries from previous years please visit our Facebook and Flickr¬†pages.

The courses are designed to teach participants how earth works, allowing them to make an appropriate choice based on materials available to them on their own site. Materials and techniques covered included, mud brick, cob, light earth, rammed earth, compressed earth brick, rock, natural plasters, foundations, walls, openings, passive solar design, basic site layout and how to test your earths.